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Whether you are renting, buying, selling, or need a property manager- we are here to help. High Five Properties offers personalized property management and real estate services specializing in close-in Portland rental units, single family homes, and small plexes.

Rent an Apartment

Curious about renting with High Five Properties? Check out our renting resources. Remember you can schedule an appointment with Lisa to check out a rental.

Buy or Sell a Home

High Five Properties works hard to buy and sell homes along with you. If you are a first time buyer we are excited to help you purchase your first home.

Property Management

We have been a locally-owned and operated property management company for over two decades. Let us help you keep your properties looking great

Our Rental Process

Step 1 - Find a Home

This is the fun part of looking for a new home. Most of our homes are currently listed on Zillow, Trulia, and apartments.com, but if you want to know if there is upcoming availability please reach out to Lisa directly.

Step 2- Schedule a Viewing

Found a High Five Property apartment you are interested in?

Please contact Lisa to schedule a viewing.

Step 3 - Rental Applicant Screening

First, what kind of renter are you?

In general there are two kinds of rental applicants: financially and non financially responsible adults. Both kinds of adults (age 18 or older) will need to go through the screening process but different applications are required. Screening criteria for renters is defined in detail to the right.

Second, reach out to Lisa for an application.

Each adult (age 18 or older) that will be living in the rental will need to fill out the appropriate application and start their screening process. You will be asked to pay a one time credit check fee per applicant.

Please contact Lisa to get your application.

Step 4 - Sign Leasing Documents

At this point, you have seen the rental, confirmed what kind of applicant you are, contacted Lisa for all your application and screening paperwork, and paid screening fees.

Lisa has advised you if you want this rental, then it’s yours. Hooray!

It’s time to sign the leasing paperwork and make payments for deposits and first month’s rent. Time to get ready for moving and getting those rental keys.

Step 5 - Move In

It’s time to move on in. Congratulations on your new rental. Make sure to setup your utilities in your name if applicable. High fives all around.

Renter Screening Criteria

Financially Responsible

You are an adult (age 18 or older) and will be paying rent or splitting the rent that means you are a financially responsible applicant.

Non-Financially Responsible

You are an adult (age 18 or older) but will not be paying rent or splitting the rent thus you are a non-financially responsible applicant.

About High Five Properties

High Five Properties loves taking care of tenants needs and has commercial and industrial rentals available in Astoria, Cornelius, and Forest Grove.

We also work with first time home buyers and seasoned investors looking to make strong long-term real estate purchases. We represent clients in buying and selling small commercial and industrial properties in Multnomah County, Washington County, and Yamhill County.

We can also broker agricultural property in the Willamette Valley.


My household worked with Lisa to apply for and maintain the current home we are renting and I was absolutely wonderful. We were looking for a home at the start of quarantine and she helped us so much with figuring everything out. She was incredible to work with and managed communications with the owners and maintenance requests promptly and with grace. We hope to work with her more in the future!

-Mia C, Renter


Lisa is easy to work with and guided us through the process of buying our first house.

-Steven M, New Home Owner


I recently moved to Portland and was extremely lucky to find High Five Properties as my first apartment. Lisa has shown to be a delightful, respectful, and honest landlord with top-notch communication with her tenants. I highly recommend High Five Properties to anyone who is looking for a dependable landlord who cares about your well-being. Thank you Lisa for being such a great landlord!

-Gabriel C, Renter


10/10 Lisa at High Five Properties is the best property management I’ve ever worked with. Always timely with answers to questions and addressed maintenance issues immediately. If you have the option to rent from her- do it. Honest, reliable, and fair- qualities in property management companies that are far too rare these days!

– Sarah S, Renter

Lisa Long’s Story

Owner & Operator High Five Properties

My real estate odyssey started in 1989 when my boyfriend convinced me to buy a dilapidated house in North Portland with him. It cost $20,000 and had rats but no heat. Fast forward to the present day. Still with the same guy. Still working on old houses except that we have added two kids, a cat, a dog, and a horse to the crew. I guess you could say it worked out.

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